Written, multiple choice & audio assessments

Jobma's remote interviewing tool allows you to send candidates assessments to complete at their convenience. These can be included with one-way video interviews or configured in anyway that works best for you.

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Increase in video interviewing since 2020.

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of candidates rate their Jobma interview as 4 star or higher experience.

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Decrease in time to hire.


Tailored to you

At Jobma, we know every business is different and may vary in the functions necessary to hire. That is why we create tailored subscription plans for your business. Reach out to our sales team and see how Jobma can help today!

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Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions in remote interviews can be the most efficient way to narrow down your candidate list, saving your team time & money during the hiring process.

Tailor questions to the position

Jobma allows you to sort out candidate based on their responses to multiple choice questions. Asking simple yes/no questions about the position's mandatory requirements will save you time by eliminating unqualified candidates.


Gain a deeper understanding

Adding written questions can not only give the candidate time to write a well thought out response, it can also give you the opportunity to understand the candidates professional writing capabilities.


Hear what they have to say

Eliminate hiring bias with audio recording questions. Understand a candidates communication skills and appreciate their capabilities without letting appearance bias play a role.



Jobma is a global entity serving over 50 countries in 14 different languages, with integrations in all major ATS and CRM systems. With Jobma, your company has no limits.

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