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How does Jobma improve my hiring process?

Jobma improves your hiring process in two critical ways. Your screening process is improved by using our pre recorded video interview solution. And our live video interview process decreases your travel costs and increases the geographical radius you can recruit candidates from. You can even add your entire hiring team to your account to collaborate with the interview process using Jobma. Jobma is designed to incorporate seamlessly into your current hiring process.

How does video interviewing address discrimination?

Recorded video interviewing brings accountability to your hiring process. Being able to keep a recording of your interview process helps address discrimination related issues. Studies* show that minority applicants actually prefer video interviews over traditional paper resumes. This gives the employer the ability to see all of their candidates as a person, as opposed to just a piece of paper. Video interviews also eliminate the need for travel, this reduces geographical discrimination and gives you a broader talent pool to select from.

My hiring process involves multiple people from my company. How will that fit in with Jobma?

Jobma was built around the ideas of collaboration and teamwork. We understand that hiring in most companies is often a team effort. That is why we give you powerful tools to schedule and coordinate interviews. Our platform also has evaluation tools built in so that your Team can share their evaluations and coordinate better with each other. We also offer video recordings for all your interviews so even if a member of your team misses out on an interview; they have the option of watching it on demand later.

I already have Skype, how would this be different?

Skype is a great tool, but it's very limited in scope if you use it for your hiring process. Skype can only be used live, so there is no way to record, evaluate, and screen candidates ahead of time. With Jobma's pre recorded video interview tool, you can review and weed-out candidates in an organized and efficient manner. Jobma puts your company front and center by allowing you to customize your interviews to showcase your brand. Skype is a great platform for communication, but it's not equipped with the necessary tools for hiring.

Do candidates really like video interviews?

YES! A recent survey* shows that not only do candidates like video interviews; they actually prefer it to traditional interview methods. Video interviews reduce the cost and stress associated with traditional interviews. They are also incredibly convenient, and a great time saver. Candidates love all the benefits that video interviews provide.

Video interview report
What if a candidate doesn’t have a webcam available with them?

We understand that sometimes people don’t have access to a webcam. That is why we came up with the Jobma App that can be used on a mobile device. This gives candidates the option to take part in video interviews with their mobile devices and tablets that already have cameras built-in. That means that they can even use Jobma on the go. The Jobma app is available on Android and iOS devices. It’s free to download and incredibly easy to use.

How do I register?

To get started, click the 'Get Started for Free' green button in the middle of the Employer page. Once you start filling out your information, JOBMA will guide you through the rest of the registration and into your company's profile creation.

Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can post?

Job postings are not limited. We encourage all Employers to post as many jobs as they have available.

Are Employers Required to post a video too?

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that Employers post a video. A company video pitch will give Job Seekers a closer and more in-depth look at your company. The video pitch could be a piece of promotional material, a video tour, or a short speech from an executive or hiring manager. Our Job Seekers like to learn about the companies they are applying for, and adding a video pitch gives them a deeper sense of what your company is about.

How do I monitor the jobs I have posted?

When you log in to your profile, there will be a tab along the right-hand side of the screen called "Manage Jobs". Click on this tab to view a list of all the jobs you have posted. From this screen, you will also be able to add, edit, and delete job postings. If you want to view the candidates that applied for a posted position, click "View" next to the appropriate job posting. This will pull up a list of Job Seekers that have applied for the posted position.

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